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Your WellnessWiz - Dr. Jack Tips comes highly recommended

WellnessWiz Jack Tips skillfully and passionately imparts critical information from the latest scientific research. His insights are refreshing, positive and grounded in common sense; and most importantly, they are simple to understand and easily put into practice. He is dedicated to the natural health perspective—both in clinical work and in helping his fellow clinicians achieve outstanding results in their practices.

“I have known Jack Tips for over 20 years. The rule of thumb with my fellow practitioners is that if WellnessWiz Tips is giving a seminar/lecture either in person or online, you cancel whatever you are doing that day to attend.”

— Dr. Philip Princetta, San Diego

Based on 30 years of research, clinical experience, and best-selling books, WellnessWizdom Seminars provide you the ultimate in-depth learning experience. WellnessWiz Tips provides real-life clinical solutions—not just theories—with extensive case-management insights that directly relate to working with biochemically unique individuals.

Enjoy the Extras!

WellnessWizdom Seminars include a comprehensive WellnessWizdom Notebook & Quick Reference Guide ($295 value) that continues to support your work long after the event. WellnessWizdom Seminars abound in helpful auxiliary publications, complimentary lab tests, samples and clinical tools. With consideration toward clinician’s day-to-day needs,WellnessWiz Tips provides valuable reference guides, flow charts, and questionnaires to amplify clinical effectiveness.

WellnessWizdom Seminars are characteristically exciting destinations; wholesome, organic, non-GMO foods; relaxed, interactive learning environments; and the latest nutritional innovations that enliven practices.

Another valuable aspect of WellnessWizdom seminars is assembling with other dedicated practitioners and exchanging ideas. These seminars tend to be mountaintop experiences that infuse the spirit with renewal and purpose - so register now for a WellnesWiz seminar and become a master of wellness therapies.

Notice For Chiropractors! Earn 12 CEU's by attending this groundbreaking Wellness Wizdom™Seminar:

Attend this two day educational seminar, designed to satisfy 12 CEU's for your Chiropractic license renewal. Accepted by 43 States of Chiropractic Examiners and Accredited by Parker University. 

In this informative class, earning you 12 Chiropractic CEU'S,  you will also be learning more about how bacterial biofilm colonies become antibiotic resistant, and contribute to allergies, asthma, and skin sensitivities. Even gout!

On the wings of this new scientific data comes the fact that what we’re doing—taking probiotics, eating yogurt—is not enough to really make a difference.

Jack Tips, The Wellness Wiz, and clinician for 30 years, has been in the thick of all this breaking news for the past two years, implementing Microbiome Rejuvenation therapies, and learning, first hand, the technique for helping people receive the full benefit from a healthy, happy intestinal microbiome.  Not only is this a powerful solution for all the gastro intestinal dysfunctions, it sets the stage for the body to be able to heal itself of its chronic, inflammatory concerns.

“The intestinal microbiome is more than a weight-bearing  pillar of our entire health, it’s a friend or foe to our level of health, our longevity and ultimately, our survival. It can be a chief determining factor for clinical outcomes,” says WellnessWiz Tips. “The time has come for natural health clinicians to refresh their understanding of leaky gut, inflammation, and the precept, ‘treat the cause,’ in light of this paradigm shifting information.

In 2012, WellnessWiz Tips helped develop a cutting edge supplemental regimen for Microbiome Rejuvenation based on his PACT System utilizing the Probiotic Advanced Colonization Technique™. With over 100 doctors of Chiropractic,  employing the program, he’s at the epicenter of clinical implementations. The past two years he has focused on how to help the really tough cases—people that have recurrent issues; that bloat when taking probiotics, or get constipated or diarrhea if they take fiber; people with parasites, C. Diff, entamoeba histolytica.   From the most difficult cases we learn how to individualize programs for biochemically unique individuals. Through simple, inexpensive lab tests and a few basic decisions, the gut microbiome can be improved with profound impact upon a person’s joy, optimism, energy, determination, enthusiasm, and resistance to disease.

It absolutely requires a strategy. That’s why this Chiropratic CEU seminar is cutting edge, revolutionary, and paradigm-shifting. “We have a proven strategy that respects Nature’s precepts by first understanding why and how the intestinal microbome exists, how it creates an alliance with the human immune system, and the power it has over every cellular function. Best of all, we learn the care and feeding of these teaming throngs of allies and how to maintain their good will. Learn this and you can add 20 years of healthy living to your lifespan!”

Known as a perceptive thinker, WellnessWiz Tips empowers people with Advanced Health Made Simple. This CEU focused seminar for Chiropractors,  is a distillation of the astounding scientific research, insights on amazing microbial behaviors (biofilms, quorum sensing), and practical applications crunched down to lay-person simplicity, making it a relaxing, intriguing, entertaining, and most informative experience.  Best of all, implementing the insights remains within the scope of Chiropractic practice – that of helping the microbiome to lower inflammation.

This seminar is over. Sign up for more information about the upcoming on-line, training program via the Microbiome Report offer on the home page.