Inspiring Health – One Audience At A Time

Simply put, WellnessWiz Jack Tips has a gift to share with each person.  Motivational, inspiring—sometimes awe-inspiring, enlightening, funny, with a powerful competency in presenting natural health insights, he is the epitome of “Advanced Health. Made Simple.”

His ability to elevate natural health practices and enliven them with 21st Century research makes his presentations immediately urgent and relevant. With a dose of wry humor (a delightful ability to laugh at himself as a veteran of varied natural health practices), he engages audiences to commit to practical personal health improvements that genuinely make a difference. No one escapes taking at least one step, just one simple step, to improve their health, productivity, and peace of mind.

Whether speaking on eating for health “The 13 Optimal Food Factors”, or care of the human body “The 12 Cardinal Precepts of Human Health,” his common sense approach reveals an innate wisdom that touches everyone.

Check to see if Jack Tips is available to speak at your next conference, event or classroom.