Supplemental Programs

Nutritional supplements often provide key nutrients for the body to use to support its health. When we examine the science of the body’s design and metabolic processes, we quickly find that the SAD (Standard American Diet) fails to provide an optimal nutrient intake. In fact, just the opposite occurs as many foods are damaged by processing and become liabilities to health. Further, many foods contain unwanted chemicals or altered molecules (trans fats, genetically modifications, pesticides.) Thus high quality nutritional supplements, which include herbs straight from Nature, whole foods, and carefully rendered ingredients, bring molecules to the body that it is eager to use for life processes.

Supplements are often recommended to improve whole body nutrition, e.g. to make nutrients available to the body for its use. There are two categories of supplement considerations:

  1. Supplements to help the body with its daily nutrition that otherwise might be lacking or insufficient in the diet. This includes things like raw organic coconut oil; organic whole-plant vitamins/minerals; organic vegetable powders, etc.

  2. Supplements that support the body metabolically to perform its life-functions. This includes things like Coenzyme Q10, Resveratrol, herbs/spices.

What to Expect In Nutrition Supplement Costs:

Basic Herbal/Nutrition Support $95 – $245 /month
Comprehensive Supplementation Costs $295 – $595 / month


Note: Supplementation is often self-limiting. As improvements are noted, fewer therapeutic supplements are required. Especially as the diet improves. This means that supplement costs decline over time.

For health, quality is everything! Simply put, “quality” supplements cost more than “cheap, knock-off, poorly produced, and inferior” supplements which abound in the marketplace. You get what you pay for.


In health, energy is everything. It is the body’s ‘coin of the realm of health’ – not vitamins, minerals, enzyme, antioxidants, proteins, fats, or carbohydrates, or any other nutritional commodity, and certainly not a drug that causes side effects. Energy! Health occurs within a certain vitality level (energy frequency band).  Poor health is the result of a lower frequency (diminished ATP production within the cells).  A health goal is to restore energy to the cells so they can perform optimally.

— Jack Tips


Supplement Return Policy

If we make a mistake in ordering or shipping your supplements, we will correct quickly correct it. Unopened supplements may be returned within 30 days for refund and incur a $15% restocking fee.

Opened supplements may not be returned.

International Shipping Agreement

Due to new laws and importation restrictions, shipments of natural health products (vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutrients) are occasionally refused for importation. Thus the Customer is unable to receive the package. Some countries assess a substantial “duty” or VAT (Value Added Tax).

These circumstances result in certain financial risks beyond our control. We are not able to ship to certain countries because of laws that deny their citizens self-direction in their nutritional health.

We believe in the global right of humanity to have access to the Earth’s good nutrition and supplements to support individual health. This includes indigenous and traditional herbal nutrients and nutritional supplements.

Together we can mitigate the risk of loss so it is bearable and minimizes financial hardship. This is our policy:

  1. If a package is unable to be delivered due to blockage at Customs, the customer is only responsible for 50% of the loss, and thus will receive a 50% refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping costs.)
  2. If the Customer refuses a package due to “duty” or VAT, then there is no refund provided.

Because shipping is expensive, we consider local sourcing of nutritional products.