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whether you are a beginner or an accomplished practitioner you will find what you're looking for here! Your online resource where exciting new research meets the natural health perspective and is united in the WellnessWiz™ Natural Health Model. Now you can register for a seminar, earn Chiropractic CEU's, buy a book, read the WellnessWiz™ blog or schedule a private consultation right here. Take a look around. We’re here to help you find advanced functional health solutions that really work!

"“Jack Tips is a breath of fresh air in his innate ability to bring common sense understanding to the seemingly complex issues that trouble the medical experts. I have come to know him as so much more than an expert in natural health; he’s a man with a passion for life and a vision of how to make life more enjoyable – naturally!”"

- Dr. Michael Temple

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A New Model For Detoxification
WellnessWiz Jack Tips presents game-changing insights on how to detoxify safely and effectively in this fascinating video presentation.

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WellnessWiz™ Book Store is the perfect place to discover new resources with answers to your questions. Browse our library of great books and articles today and get instantly informed! (Click and you'll go to the AppleADay Press website.)

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WellnessWiz™ Jack Tips helps you find important answers to your most difficult health questions in a person-to-person or phone consultation. Learn more and book your personal consultation today!

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Video: 5 things that may add 13 healthy years to your life

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Age-Related Muscle & Brain-Cognition Support

Red Lines In The Whites Of The Eyes—What Do They Mean?


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Get a free copy of WellnessWiz Jack Tips’ breakthrough report on Normal Age-Related Muscle Loss: The Buff, Not Duff, Zone.


“Over the last 10 years, the most innovative and cutting-edge teachings of Jack Tips not only influenced my practice on a daily basis, but completely transformed my personal consciousness about true healing. Each article, newsletter or lecture is the work of a master of in-depth knowledge with the ability to transmit 21st century scientific research into an accessible language benefitting us all. The success of my own practice is directly linked to the superb teachings of Jack Tips. From the basic building blocks of optimal nutrition to the most advanced cellular biology, today Jack Tips wisdom portrays the fundamental training of every health practitioner as well as informative education for patients welcoming optimal health again.”

Dr. Angelika Maria Koch

Author, "The Dance of Your Core Healing" Taos, NM

“Not only is WellnessWiz Tips truly gifted with a profound understanding of the intricacies of the human organism, but also with the unique ability to impart that knowledge to others. His keen insights transcend and are unparalleled by any other educator I have encountered. His innate ability to articulate profound concepts with ease, while displaying elements of humor and humility is truly remarkable. His teaching has inspired, challenged and motivated me to aspire to achieve at a higher level as a practitioner. His inexhaustible and ongoing body of work has broadened my horizons in general, and deepened my appreciation in particular for the microbiota.”

Susan Greenwell


“WellnessWiz Jack Tips has in-depth knowledge in nutrition and herbal medicine, and a great understanding of traditional medicine as well. Read his articles, listen to him, and you will be blessed.”

Dr. Leroy Boriack

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