Welcome to WellnessWiz.

I’m Dr. Jack Tips, the founder of the Causational Approach to optimal health.

For the past 30 years of clinical, natural health practice, I’ve been driven by one guiding principle, “What does it take to help a person’s body correct its imbalances and express its most optimal state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health?

By working with thousands of people and traveling millions of miles, where do you think the answer is found?

Within each and every person is an innate vitality that is programmed to bring forth and protect the body’s ability to adapt and survive.

The body says, “Give me the cellular energy (known biochemically as ATP)—and I can heal myself.” Beyond that premise, the body often requires a "directive" or remedy to focus on what's not being addressed. Cellularly, the body requires the cellular metabolic nutrients (including botanicaly-based epigenetic directives) to further encourage the cessation of less than optimal behaviors.

Thus the Causational approach to Optimal Health is simply to provide the body a healing directive that ends the inner confusion and moves its innate vitality toward optimal health.

When that is done, is it any surprise that the body can work its miracles to adapt, correct, repair, replenish, rejuvenate and heal itself according to the principles of natural health.

This pathway to optimal health is unique to each individual and therefore is individually determined.

Here at WellnessWiz, I use classical homeopathy to stimulate the innate vitality to find its direction to improve health. The remedy supports the person and does not treat any disease whatsoever.

I use combinetic herbology and other nutritional factors to provide metabolic balance in accord with the body’s natural processes; as well as supplements that augment the body’s production of cellular energy, so that the body has the energy to effect the beneficial changes.

And I teach how our bodies need to be fed so there is a nutritional foundation, based on Natural Law, that supports the body’s healing endeavors.

This multi-faceted program is actually quite simple and brings great results – results that you can experience for yourself.

I look forward to being of service to you.

Thank you.

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