Entertaining, informative, contemporary, well-grounded in natural health principles, and easy to understand, WellnessWiz™information helps ensure the best of health and happiness in the 21st Century. Distilled from 30 years of research and clinical experience, Jack Tips’ books display a thorough insight into modern natural health solutions. Written in his easy-to-understand, informative style, these books serve as detailed guides as you weave the latest natural health solutions into your practice.

You will also find many free offerings, e.g. questionnaires and excerpts from fee-based articles.

“I’ve studied medical alternative textbooks and articles for over 20 years. Jack Tips’ books and seminar materials are some of my “go to” references. His depth of knowledge and prolific ability to turn a complex matter into something easy to understand makes his books great for the practitioner and layperson alike. Reading his articles can be a quick way to master a specific subject, and truly understand how it shows up in the everyday patient.”