At WellnessWiz, we are honored to provide the finest natural health care to each and every consultee. Here below is some information about the different aspects of our services and please call us at 512-328-3996 if you have any questions!

Diet For Optimal Health

For thirty years, Dr. Tips has recommended The Pro-Vita! as the optimal diet for the human body. Every year, the latest research attests to this time-honored plan and validates it’s premises. In this book, you’ll learn how to gain a week’s worth of nutrition in a single meal. Just imagine what the most perfectly balanced, easy, and delicious plan can do for your cells! Supports all dietary persuasions: omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian because it teaches the body’s own principles of nutrition rather than advocating for a parochial diet. You can order a copy for yourself by clicking here.



Exercise stokes the engines of our cellular life. Lately, the trend is toward interval training (burst training) three days a week [doesn’t take long!), and weight-bearing exercise three days a week, and yep, enjoy that one day of rest. For most people, whatever level of exercise you are getting (or not getting), you should look into the exercise information that’s collected on the natural health website:


Homeopathy is a system of medicine whose principles are even older than Hippocrates. It seeks to help the body move toward optimal health in accordance with natural laws of healing and uses “remedies” made from natural substances: animal, vegetable, and mineral. Known for its ability to harness the body’s innate vitality to restore a more optimal health, homeopathy is called “healing without side effects.”

Click here for an article that explains Homeopathy.
Click here for a newspaper article about research that validates Homeopathy.

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Nutritional Counseling

Perfect your diet how it works best for you and your health goals.
1. Read or skim the book: The Pro-Vita! Plan For Optimal Nutrition (order here).
2. Download (free) the Pro-Vita! Worksheet here.

You can schedule a 30-minute visit with Dr. Tips to custom-design a plan that works for you. Click Here.

Dr. Tips helped me build a nutrition plan that not only organized my refrigerator for quick “optimal meals” saving me hours of time (love the lettuce wraps!), but I was able to stock my pantry many foods that I naturally love. Since eating in this organized fashion, I’ve lost excessive weight, restored mental clarity, and doubled my energy. Also my chronic “bloated-sensation” vanished. So this what it feels like to ‘eat right.’ I love it! — Dr. R. McDaniel

To learn more about daily maintenance nutritional support options: Click Here.

Systemic Herbology

Herbology is entering an exciting new epoch of validation and science-backed proof of efficacy. Both medical and scientific research is attesting to the ability plant compounds to selectively promote epigenetic processes within the cells that destroys tumors (Curcumin), protects mitochondrial energy production (Anthrocyanins) , prevents and helps with dementias (Boswellia, Bacopa), etc. To date, hundreds of scientific studies are conclusively proving that plants and herbs contain the innate molecule structures to which optimal human health is attuned. Combinetic, herbal/nutritional formulas provide much-needed nutrients that the body requires to reestablish and maintain healthy cellular function.

Key components of Herbolomic® formulas include supporting the cells in the following processes: 1) Methylation; 2) Antioxidants / NO/ONOO-cycle solutions; 3) Cell Membrane regeneration to support receptors and fluidity; 4) Mitochondrial ATP-energy support, 5) Nitric Oxide/enzyme processes, 6) Telomere protection (anti-aging); 7) Glutathione support, 8) Detoxification, 9) Anti-inflammation; and 10) Broad-spectrum nutrition. Dr. Tips has developed cellular support protocols employed by hundreds of physicians and nutritionists world-wide.


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