Sarica Cernohous


“Should you have the opportunity to learn from Jack Tips in a live setting, please make every effort to make the event. You will be gifted with one of the finest learning experiences of your career. And make a point of reading any books and professional writings he has made available to us—they will offer you thought-provoking insights that will broaden and enhance your practice.”

Dr. Amy French

“It took me five years, but I finally decided to do the Detox Done Right program, and now I understand. My experience means that I can better help my patients because, like Jack Tips, I’ve walked the walk.”

Dr. Leroy Boriack


“WellnessWiz Jack Tips has in-depth knowledge in nutrition and herbal medicine, and a great understanding of traditional medicine as well. Read his articles, listen to him, and you will be blessed.”


San Diego

“I have known Jack Tips for over 20 years. The rule of thumb with my fellow practitioners is that if Jack Tips is giving a seminar/lecture either in person or online, you cancel whatever you are doing that day to attend.”

John Bartalini

Certified Natural Health Professional

“I have more books authored by Jack Tips on my natural health care bookshelf than any other author. From having taken a course taught by WellnessWiz Tips and observed him in practice, and attended his seminars, I know he is a sincere advocate for the natural lifestyle. I have read The Pro-Vita! Plan many times over and recommend it to everyone I know. The information about how our bodies are designed to eat what we should be eating is fascinating. This is the one book I would take with me if I knew I was to be stranded on an island. The Healing Triad: Your Liver...Your Lifeline is another must read. Thank you so much!”

Ryal Clingen

“I like the way Dr. Tips explains protocols so thoroughly and scientifically that it makes them easily understandable. I have learned so much from you and your books over the years. I deeply appreciate your insights and advise.”

Dr. Dale Kanterman

Naturopath, Thermographist New Jersey

“Your information is fascinating; always so helpful, insightful, well researched and within nature. Your articles explain the reasoning behind the imbalances that result from neglect or poor diet and lifestyle and how to reverse and realize true health. I am currently enrolled in one of your courses. Your explanations and teachings bring the body to life. What marvelous tools that give clues to what is really going on inside of us. Please keep researching, writing and sharing information.”

Paula S. Stone

educator and author, Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence

“Navigating health-restoring options can be confusing for both professionals and consumers. Jack Tips, the WellnessWiz demystifies assessment and solutions for today’s health challenges. With simple explanations and humor, he offers solutions that are both workable and sustainable. It is a blessing for a knowledgeable and approachable expert to make this information available and within reach.”

Dr. Michael Temple

Scottsdale, AZ

“Jack Tips is a breath of fresh air in his innate ability to bring common sense understanding to the seemingly complex issues that trouble the medical experts. I have come to know him as so much more than an expert in natural health; he’s a man with a passion for life and a vision of how to make life more enjoyable – naturally!”

Susan Greenwell


“Not only is WellnessWiz Tips truly gifted with a profound understanding of the intricacies of the human organism, but also with the unique ability to impart that knowledge to others. His keen insights transcend and are unparalleled by any other educator I have encountered. His innate ability to articulate profound concepts with ease, while displaying elements of humor and humility is truly remarkable. His teaching has inspired, challenged and motivated me to aspire to achieve at a higher level as a practitioner. His inexhaustible and ongoing body of work has broadened my horizons in general, and deepened my appreciation in particular for the microbiota.”

Sylvia J. Harral

M. Ed., N.C., D.S.

“Being on the faculty of a junior college in California, I have used Jack Tips’ book “The Pro-Vita! Plan” as a textbook in my health class for several years. After reading this book, the students understand much about what it takes to bring the body into healthy function. The information helps the students provide healthy meals and snacks for their children. The students are so empowered with the truth about health, they naturally become little health coaches to their families, friends, and coworkers. They are sought after for the answers they can now give to many lifestyle health questions. My heart is filled with gratitude toward Jack Tips for providing such a concise guide to our personal health.”

Robin Mayfield,


“As a holistic doctor, I’ve studied medical alternative textbooks and articles for over 20 years. Jack Tips’ books and seminar materials are some of my “go to” references. His depth of knowledge and prolific ability to turn a complex matter into something easy to understand makes his books great for the practitioner and layperson alike. Reading his articles can be a quick way to master a specific subject, which I’ve used many times for myself. I can now cite chemical reactions and cell metabolism and truly understand how it shows up in the everyday patient.”

Lawrence Hoppis

Naturopath & Academic Dean, Natural Healing Academy

“Jack Tips has been my most significant and impeccable mentor and profound healing resource, openly sharing his abundant skills and art through numerous books and workshops, second opinion support, many clinical hours together, consistent outreach, tireless travel and personal friendship.

I owe the success of my practice in large part to Jack’s template of empowerment, indelible inspiration and honest wit. He has had the unique ability to consistently communicate the words I most grow from, and a vital force connection that has lent me much strength in difficult hours. His professionalism, books, lectures, seminars, teachings and mentorship have been a grace to empower the deepest healing potential of my clients, practitioners and doctors in an alchemy of deep caring, aligned integrity and truly progressive clinical healing insight and wisdom. I recommend him to anyone looking for the roots of true clinical results and extraordinary healing insight.”

Dr. Angelika Maria Koch

Author, "The Dance of Your Core Healing" Taos, NM

“Over the last 10 years, the most innovative and cutting-edge teachings of Jack Tips not only influenced my practice on a daily basis, but completely transformed my personal consciousness about true healing. Each article, newsletter or lecture is the work of a master of in-depth knowledge with the ability to transmit 21st century scientific research into an accessible language benefitting us all. The success of my own practice is directly linked to the superb teachings of Jack Tips. From the basic building blocks of optimal nutrition to the most advanced cellular biology, today Jack Tips wisdom portrays the fundamental training of every health practitioner as well as informative education for patients welcoming optimal health again.”

Dr. Gerry Curatola

Clinical Associate Professor, NYU College of Dentistry & Founder, Rejuvenation Dentistry

“Jack Tips is an exemplary healer practitioner who brings a unique cutting edge knowledge, with intuition and heart, to the natural healing process. His understanding of the Microbiome, Metabolics and Genomics is superb, as his ability to educate and inspire.

Johanna Thorne

Director, Live Vibrantly Nutritional Consulting

“You will be hard pressed to find a better teacher than Jack Tips. i have studied and worked with him for over 12 years. always he explains and breaks information down into fascinating, easy to understand segments that gets you excited about what you are learning. many, ‘oh now i get it’ moments with him, and never a boring moment! take advantage of every opportunity you have to learn with him, you won’t be disappointed!”

Carol Brosius

Nutritionist, Camp Hill, PA

“One thing I highly value is an accurate direction! I continue to follow everything Jack writes and teaches because it actually plays out to be the most beneficial application of nutrients and assimilation. I always introduce my clients to the Pro-Vita! Eating Plan, specifically, Chapter 8 “Body Cycles and Nutrition” from day-one. As each client transitions into a healthier lifestyle, Jacks’ information proves to be the foundation of a new beginning. Jacks’ wisdom gives the insight needed to tailor each program with precision.”

Salvatore Crapanzano

Natural Health Practitioner, Canada

“WellnessWiz Jack Tips is a great joy to communicate and work with. I have known this for
a while — that he is definitely one of the top 100 Natural Health Practitioners
in the world. I also believe, since he is an experienced Homeopathic doctor
combined with his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Energetics of the
body, he is actually in the top 10 in the world too
I have his books, and they are full of exciting, important material with solid knowledge and conviction in healing with Natural Health Principles. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Celestine McMahan-Woneis

“I am increasing inspired by Dr. Jack Tips integration of massive amounts of research on integrative and alternative nutrition and functional medicine. He works at a meta-analysis level synthesizing at mastery level the nuggets of information that are most helpful for practice. Jack is never to busy to support and help. From my experience you would have to search the world long and hard to find such a person. If you have the opportunity to study in his midst or be healed by his presence, do not pass up the experience of a life time.”

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