Laying The Foundation For Optimal Health

“The human body operates under the very same primal directives that all life does — “Adapt & Survive!” A sub-directive to that prime directive is: “Express the most optimal health possible.” Respecting these life-directives is the foundation of natural health practices, and the practitioner must work with the body’s Innate Intelligence to help restore optimal health.”

— Jack Tips, Ph.D., C.C.N.
Acute Care

Dr. Tips receives the 2010 "Heart of Healing" award.
Dr. Tips receives the 2010 "Heart of Healing" award.

The Natural Health Model respects the body's innate processes of self regulation. Within the scope of the body's health-corrective processes are it's innate tools which includes the more-drastic healing responses such as fever, eruptions, loose stools, mucous discharges, etc.

Sometimes, all the body needs is a little assistance to complete it's actions to restore and improve health; and sometimes the body's responses require intervention--including medical assistance. Consultees experiencing drastic symptoms are advised to obtain medical evaluation and intervention if necessary.

Prerequisite Care

Most people must first improve both causes and contributors to their body's struggles to adapt and survive, before the body will self-correct. E.g. if your intestinal microbiome (microbes that inhabit your intestines that exert powerful regulatory authority over your immune system, mood, weight, thyroid, and metabolic processes) is dysbiotic (too many "bad guys" -- usually the result of antibiotics or ingestion of genetically-modified food), then a G.I. Wellness protocol is necessary to "set the stage" for the body to restore a more optimal health.  Other prerequisites include: Thyroid metabolic health, Adrenal health, and Detoxification.

Wellness Care

Once the body functions without so many "obstacles to cure," it's self-regulatory mechanism, guided by the body's own Innate Intelligence, can move to restore a more optimal state of health. Here is where the body seeks the herbal, epigenetic directives, and natural nutrients to employ to reverse chronic-degenerative and autoimmune processes according to it's innate ability. Here, the botanicals and natural health practices provide the body "an offer it can't refuse to heal itself."

The latest research is consistently validating the healing impact that botanicals and natural nutrients bring to the body, validating the statement, "Herbs are the body's true remedies, and Nature's nutrients are the true food for the human cells."

Optimal Health Maintenance Care

It's so much easier and frankly a lot of fun to support the human "temple" to maintain itself in optimal health. Once the body's own powerful optimal metabolic processes are operative, they will stay intact until a greater force acts upon the system.

By Nature's design, the nutrients from the natural kingdom (not man-made) are the optimal maintenance factors. Thus employing the Pro-Vita! Plan For Optimal Nutrition is a powerful foundation for optimal Cellular Health. Also, specific supplements such as a certified organic, plant-extracted multi-vitamin/mineral supplement helps fill the huge gaps in the very SAD (Standard American Diet) intake of nutrients. Further, detoxification nutrients and the right antioxidants help protect the cells from free-radical damage and loss of telomeres (DNA) which equates to "aging."

Daily maintenance programs are as essential for optimal health in the 21st Century as a scuba tank is for a person underwater. Such individualized programs protect and promote an optimal life experience--marked by good vitality, great sleep, joy, and a terrific attitude. Simply put, "Daily maintenance is essential--don't leave home without it!"

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