About WellnessWiz Natural Health Consultations

By Janine Tips, WellnessWiz Consultation Coordinator

WellnessWiz Jack Tips is dedicated to one primary goal in his consulting practice—to help your body heal itself and live in efficient cellular metabolic health according to its inherent blueprint. His life-long quest to help people experience the best of health has resulted in his becoming an excellent and effective practitioner of the natural healing arts.

Jack Tips, [Certified Clinical Nutritionist, License: NY] pioneered the WellnessWiz three-faceted health restoration and maintenance approach to health that many practitioners and beneficiaries consider to be the most comprehensive natural health improvement program today. Your health evaluation is an individualized process and often includes lab testing, questionnaires and his differential evaluation process (how he understands your case.) Follow up visits further define the efficacy of your program and serve to measure your improvement process. "You are biochemically unique and your body requires an individualized approach."

Though teaching and speaking worldwide on subjects such as his PACT™ Probiotic Advanced Colonization Technique, Thyroid Health, and A New Model For Detoxification (Detox Done Right™), WellnessWiz Jack maintains a dedicated, clinical practice limited to a small caseload so he can devote the necessary time and attention to providing the highest quality, most well thought out programs. Consulting is an occupation he dearly loves. Helping people experience the dynamic vitality of the natural health therapies is literally part of his life-mission.

When you request a consultation, please know it is our sincere desire that the WellnessWiz Program provide you the knowledge, health and freedom to enhance every minute of your life. I look forward to visiting with you and helping you to experience a greater self-awareness of how to live a more healthy life. Best Wishes In Your Health Endeavors!


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More About Consulting

More About Consultations

Phone Consultations are an effective way to consult without the time and expense of travel to the office. Jack Tips has developed a phone interview method and differential analysis of your individual concerns that yields a very accurate understanding of your case, and thus provides excellent results. If lab tests are necessary, they are arranged.

The benefit of this method is that you can consult from practically anywhere in the world without travel time and expense. This first consultation is scheduled for 2 hours and lasts 1.5 hours leaving time for "Research, Repertorization, & Reviewing" the Materia Medica and other reference guides.

SKYPE Consultations. For people who prefer "eye to eye" and not just "ear to ear," conversations, and for people overseas, Skype is a tool that facilitates audio/visual connection. Just provide your Skype name when making your appointment.

A typical custom-designed program may include:

  1. A "constitutional" or "acute" homeopathic remedy, (not included in "bundled" programs as it requires direct communication)
  2. An herbal-nutrition (tissue-support, cell-metabolic) program
  3. A supplemental/dietary foundation
  4. Dietary adjustments (read The Pro-Vita! Plan For Optimal Nutrition available at this site's bookstore), and
  5. Reading/educational lifestyle materials.

“Within each individual is a powerful healing ability. For the body to correct its confusion, the remedial program must harness that force to improve health in its many levels.” – Jack Tips

Follow-up Consultations. So very, very important! Subsequent consultations are scheduled for 30-minutes within a month of starting your program to ascertain if you are on track for the alleviation of health concerns, and to make course corrections based on your body's input.

The process of both homeopathy and clinical nutrition is based on input and course corrections. Consulting is really ALL ABOUT THE FOLLOWUPS!

Most people notice beneficial changes occurring within the first month of starting their programs. The body improves at its own pace, and your program must support and cooperate with your body’s innate restorative processes rather than having it dictate specific demands. Today, more than ever, there are "prerequisite" programs required by virtually everyone. Further, the goal of remedial work is that your body is able to fend for itself once improved health is realized--thus no dependency on supplements, beyond comprehensive daily nutrition support. Follow up consultations are critical to ensure that optimal health is not an elusive idea, but becomes a practical reality. They are a listening to the body's dialog about what it needs to heal itself!

“The beneficial effects of the natural approach to health are cumulative. Once the improvement trend begins, my job is to encourage it until the body can function optimally on its own. This is often best done by listening, not dictating, and then supporting the body’s innate processes.” – Jack Tips

Get The Most

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Consultation With Apple-A-Day’s WellnessWiz Jack Tips [Ph.D., C.Hom, C.C.N]

➢ You’ve made an excellent decision to apply the advantages of nutrition, herbology, supplementation, and natural health principles for improved wellbeing. We’re now a team dedicated to your success! Let’s make this time a turning point for you.
➢ Did you know that WellnessWiz Jack has practiced clinical nutrition, herbology, bioenergetic remedies, and diet optimization for over 35 years for the benefit of thousands of people? He is your resource and a wealth of insight for your personalized strategy for more optimal nourishment and cellular metabolic performance.

What We Do
We provide the structure, methods, and tools that make consulting simple for you to achieve your goals. We’re here to support you and ensure clear communications that make it all work for you.

Phone 512.328.3996. We love to hear from you and we strive to return calls quickly.
Voice Mail. Should your call go to our secure voice mail, please leave a message. We’ll act on your message or return your call promptly.
Email. This email comes to the office and we reply right away. If your question or comment is for Jack, please expect that he is quick to reply to you.
Any Questions? If you have a question, please ask. It’s important to us!

Scheduling Appointments
Two Ways To Make Your Appointment.

Appointment Courtesy. We appreciate your making changes to your appointment 24 hours before your scheduled time. This gives us opportunity to help someone on the waiting list.
Appointment Reminders. The automated appointment system sends you a reminder (email/text message) before your appointment.

How Consultations Work

Phone. Jack works best by phone. His method of asking questions that differentiate various causes of concern is a sophisticated method to hone in on “points of leverage” that help remove obstacles.
Overseas Clients. Jack uses Skype to save overseas clients the cost of phone calls.
What’s Going On? During your consultation, Jack is mostly listening to you, and then asking specific questions. All the while he’s taking notes, crunching data, checking repertories and reference books, and answering your questions. The goal is clarity in understanding you as a “whole person” and how your innate vitality struggles with maintaining balance.
More Than You Expect. After your call, Jack’s schedule is marked out for an additional 30-minutes. He uses this time to evaluate your information, develop a strategy, select specific products, and design your program. Thus 30-minute appointments are really an hour. 90-minute appointments are really 2 hours. This extra time accommodates research and review of lab tests and notes.

Full Disclosure

Your Program. After your consultation, WellnessWiz Jack will email your program sheet to you so you can see the strategy, products, and schedule.
Supplements. We provide the supplements you’ll need. They are all proven high quality, wholesome, natural, as organic as possible, free of additives, and reasonably priced. Many are specialty products with specific ingredients, potencies, and established track records. Substitutions are undesirable and should first be approved by Jack to ensure continuity with the program design, and viability for results. Generally, you will fare better using all the supplements specified.
Fair Pricing. Our pricing is often less than the manufacturer’s suggested price. We practice the Golden Rule. Your trust is paramount.
Allergies/Sensitivities? If you need to see the product-label information in advance, please let us know and we can email formula ingredients to you.Invoicing
On-Line Invoicing. We employ an on-line invoice system that provides you with credit card confidentiality. Invoices go to your email or mobile device.
Alternative Method. If you are not engaged with email and text messaging, we can process your credit card manually in the clinic. Please let us know if you prefer this.
Separate Invoices. Consulting invoices are issued separately from product and lab test invoices. It’s not uncommon to receive two, even three invoices after a consultation. This allows you to make adjustments to product orders and lab test requisitions. Just phone us if you have any questions.
Promptness Appreciated. Consultation payments are due the same day of your appointment. Invoices (email/text) come shortly after we send your program sheet. We’ll phone you if it’s not paid by Friday. Your payments launch fulfillment of products, remedies, and lab tests.
Your Supplements. Product orders should also be paid the same day because shipping time is calculated into the consulting timeline. Delays can impede your program momentum and create scheduling issues.
Reminders. The automated invoicing system sends “late-reminders.” If you have any issues with an invoice, please phone us immediately. We’re here to get it just right for you.

On-Line Dispensary

Wellevate. When applicable, WellnessWiz Jack uses a dispensary where you can purchase professional products for yourself, receive a discount, and get free shipping.
Dispensary Access. Once you are a dispensary member (no membership fee), you can order selected products as well as other natural health products (safe cosmetics, pet supplements, vitamins, etc.) from over 300 professional product vendors.
➢ The dispensary does not have all the products Jack uses. Some manufacturers do not participate.

Follow Ups

It’s A Process. Follow up appointments are critically important. This is because your program strategy is to launch positive changes according to your body’s innate abilities. Think of Sir Isaac Newton’s Law: A body in motion stays in motion until acted on by another force. In follow ups, Jack analyzes movement—the direction and rate of progress—and if it’s in accord with the body’s own methods. Books that have influenced his thinking include: The Organon—6th Edition, and Dr. Constantine Hering’s book, Guiding Symptoms.
Experience. WellnessWiz Jack has studied and observed the body’s innate process for many years. In follow ups, you will report what is better and what’s not. This reveals the impact and momentum of the program, and if it’s on track. Follow ups add to the valuable information necessary to understanding you as an individual.
➢ Adjustments and course-corrections help support and maximize your process.

Publications By WellnessWiz Jack

Health Blog. Here you can learn about brain health, exercise, foods, the gut microbiome, mind & spirit, detoxification. Be sure to 1) register to receive announcements of new postings, and 2) comment on the ones you read.
Herb Blog. Here you’ll learn about herbs and the herbal tradition.
Health Research Reports. Fee based articles (and some freebies) are posted here and you can discover the insights of his unique perspective.

Programs You Should Know About

LimitlessLiving Program. Exercise and nutrition for Baby Boomers and people who have become too sedentary.
Sclerology Program. A training program developed by a 20th Century Eclectic Healer about the meanings of red lines in the white of the eyes.
DNA (Genome) Testing. Your DNA might not be your destiny, but it most assuredly influences it. With a confidential DNA test via a private lab (not 23andMe, Viome, and others who work for the pharmaceutical industry), you can learn how to support your weak links nutritionally, and bolster your health and longevity. Jack loves DNA tests to understand your strengths and weaknesses, detoxification and neurological processes, as well as help determine what vitamins, minerals, and nutriments can best support your cellular performance.

Your Commitment And Ours.

Key Factor #1. Your desire to implement positive changes is a driving force for improvement. Be sure you are ready and willing to implement recommended changes in your lifestyle. Let go of doubts and limitations. Know that your body’s innate intelligence wants improvements as much as you do. Here is a fresh approach and new start in the dynamic world of clinical nutrition.
Key Factor #2. We love nothing better than to hear of your success. We’re committed to helping you and are grateful to be of service.

Thank you. Together, We Can Do It!
Here’s to your best of success.

IMPORTANT: Want to know more about Classical Homeopathy?

More About Classical Homeopathy

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Herbology - Another dimension to your program is balanced herbal nutrition. Herbal combinations can provide specific nutritional building blocks, cleansers, epigenetic factors, and tonification properties for the body’s vital structures--the cells. 

Jack Tips trained as a protogé with Doc Wheelwright, one of the 20th Century's great herbal and eclectic healers. He has worked with herbs and herbal combinetic formulas for over 30 years.

Testimony: I love WellnessWiz Tips' philosophy on taking supplements. The idea is to give the body what it needs to perform better itself, then you can stop taking supplements and not use them as a crutch for the rest of your life.  Good health means the body is able to function on its own. – Robert I., Escondido, CA

Clinical Nutrition – Your cells are the cornerstones of your health. For the cells to function properly, the cell membranes must allow oxygen and glyco-proteins to pass through and wastes to exit. They also must communicate with other cells and the immune system. Further, the mitochondria (organelles inside your cells) must produce ATP—the energy of life. You program is designed for "cellular healing" to energize your cells so they can repair their DNA and contribute to your good health and longevity.

The Pro-Vita Plan for Optimal Health (book) is very helpful and contains information for you to design a nutritional plan to accelerate your results. Improving your diet, even in very simple ways can pay you a huge dividend in cellular energy. A companion to the Pro-Vita! material is the book, The Weight Is OverClick HERE to move to the AppleADayPress website where you can order these books.

Jack Tips holds the esteemed C.C.N. (Certified Clinical Nutritionist) credential from the International & American Associations of Clinical Nutrition and is licensed in New York as a clinical nutritionist. He serves on the IAACN exam-writing board for their national exam underwritten by Columbia University.

Testimony: I have not felt this good in years, and my waist has gone from 42" to 33" just by following the simple suggestions that the Pro-Vita! and Weight Is Over spelled out for me.  Rog Mathis, San Antonio, TX

To round out a complete nutritional foundation, WellnessWiz Tips often recommends and provides selected nutritional supplements for your basic and fundamental health support. He only uses the purest, most effective supplements he can find – the kind he takes himself. Thus, your program is truly a unique, comprehensive plan that allows your body to express its innate optimal health.

Your program usually provides therapies for three levels of your health simultaneously - the remedy (innate vitality), the therapeutic nutrition (tissue function support via herbal formulas and supplements), and the dietary nutrition (biochemical foundation). It observes respect for the body's inherent healing processes and meets the requirements of true natural healing. Generally, programs are gentle and effective. This is consistent with Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's insight that true healing is gentle, rapid, and lasting.

"Supplementation is much more than laying a foundation of nutrition. It must apply nutrients to address the key "points of leverage" to motivate the body's desire to restore its health to the most optimal expression. In the 21st Century, this is "cellular healing" -- supporting the cells' metabolic processes. Supplements can provide the body with "an offer it can't refuse" by helping remove "obstacles to cure" and supporting key tissues and their cellular-metabolic duties." -- Jack Tips

Testimony: "WellnessWiz Jack Tips introduced me to a supplement regimen that really helped. I was concerned when he said that it was 'self-limiting' and 'time to stop' to see if my body could continue it's new-found well-being on its own.  Sure enough, he was right." -- Robin Thomas, Ft. Wayne, IN

At WellnessWiz, you will be able to take action to improve your health and increase your vitality so you can experience the most optimal level of health possible. We are honored by your visit, and thrilled to present and share this information with you. Our goal is that you gain insights, techniques, and information that contribute to your well being. We trust that you'll enjoy your time here and find information and programs that enhance your life.

Your Access To WellnessWiz Jack Tips

WellnessWiz Jack Tips maintains an "open door" policy. EMAIL notes go to Office Management for speedy reply. There is no charge for quick emails and his replies to your questions. They are essential to proper implementation of the program according to your individual needs. We're on the same team! 

Should an interim communication result in research and changing your program to address an immediate concern, then a small fee may apply because it results in "new work" that moves your case forward. We practice the “Golden Rule” and fairness in each and every action. WellnessWiz Jack Tips welcomes hearing from you, and he is glad to share insights that make the programs work individually for you. Just makes sense!

Thank you very much. We look forward to being of service. -- Janine Tips, Director