By Janine Tips, WellnessWiz Consultation Coordinator



WellnessWiz Jack Tips is dedicated to one primary goal in his consulting practice—to help your body heal itself and live in efficient cellular metabolic health according to its inherent blueprint. His life-long quest to help people experience the best of health has resulted in his becoming an excellent and effective practitioner of the natural healing arts.

Jack Tips, [Certified Clinical Nutritionist, License: NY] pioneered the WellnessWiz three-faceted health restoration and maintenance approach to health that many practitioners and beneficiaries consider to be the most comprehensive natural health improvement program today. Your health evaluation is an individualized process and often includes lab testing, questionnaires and his differential evaluation process (how he understands your case.) Follow up visits further define the efficacy of your program and serve to measure your improvement process.  "You are biochemically unique and your body requires an individualized approach."

Though teaching and speaking worldwide on subjects such as his PACT™ Probiotic Advanced Colonization Technique, Thyroid Health, and A New Model For Detoxification (Detox Done Right™), WellnessWiz Jack maintains a dedicated, clinical practice limited to a small caseload so he can devote the necessary time and attention to providing the highest quality, most well thought out programs. Consulting is an occupation he dearly loves.  Helping people experience the dynamic vitality of the natural health therapies is literally part of his life-mission.

When you request a consultation, please know it is our sincere desire that the WellnessWiz Program provide you the knowledge, health and freedom to enhance every minute of your life.  I look forward to visiting with you and helping you to experience a greater self-awareness of how to live a more healthy life. Best Wishes In Your Health Endeavors!

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