Teaming Up for Optimal Health

A Perspective from Dr. Tips

“No man is an island” and we all need help from others to live a full and varied life in the best of health.

There is a profound, sacred covenant between the person seeking health-improvement (the Consultee) and the individual trained and “called” to help (the Counselor/Practitioner).

Jack Tips in microbiology lab working with probiotic cultures
Jack Tips in microbiology lab working with probiotic cultures

In today’s world, the Consultee’s commitment is established by willingness to do the programs backed up by the “coin of the realm” that demonstrates appreciation. In prior times, there were sliding scales where the rich subsidized the poor, and there was barter; but today the tacit agreement is established on: 1) the Practitioner being well trained, current, capable, and dedicated; and 2) the Consultee exchanging dollars for services rendered. Ultimately it’s all about results–a responsibility that lies with both the Practitioner and the Consultee.

The Practitioner’s commitment stems from the heart’s desire to help and be of service, and the responsibility to be fully committed to the Consultee’s improvement. To me, “commitment and responsibility” often involves before-appointment and after-hours research, quick email replies to consultee concerns, and gaining 2nd opinions from other practitioners. Whatever it takes.

In my observations over the past 30-years, Consultees who approach the process with great skepticism, reluctance to pay the agreed fees or purchase the required supplements, and poor commitment to doing the programs inevitably “fight themselves” and express their subconscious desire to hold on to their maladies–and the subconscious does indeed influence cellular metabolism! Such people are the ones who listen to the “nay-sayers” and seek advice from those who have opinions, but no training in the natural health perspective and programs.

Conversely, it’s interesting to note that those who approach their self-healing process with gratitude, excitement, willingness, ‘whatever it takes,’ and steadfast dedication knowing that I’ll do for them exactly what I’d do for myself (if I were in similar circumstances); often progress smoothly and directly to their desired goal.

Not every consultee can embrace such a positive and proactive outlook. Not every practitioner in the world has the heart of a healer. But when the time is right, and the covenant embraced, the Consultee meets the right Practitioner. It really is a “date with destiny.” When that happens, heaven and earth move aside, and life’s miracles unfold. For me, every new case is an intriguing, unique challenge to address via the innate laws of natural health. Every new case is special, even sacred, as I must perform to the best of my abilities and insights in the life-enhancing role of Practitioner/Counselor.

My daily pledge is to be the best practitioner that I possibly can be and hold 100% dedication for improvements in those individuals who choose to work with me. That’s a major secret to the clinical success that “gets me up in the morning, excited about the day ahead.”  Blessings. — Jack Tips

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