Maintenance is Key to Healthy Living

Today, more than ever, it seems that the gap between those who practice natural health principles and those who don’t is widening.

Those who do embrace natural health have a certain glow of joy and presence. Those who don’t are standing in line, waiting to fill suppressive prescriptions that can never cure, complaining that the government and insurance systems aren’t making it cheaper.

Natural health devotes seek to improve the quality of the their daily food and also use supplements to counter the onslaught of health-disruptive influences from the environment and “life in the 21st Century.”

Jack Tips signs certifications for Filipina medical and natural health practitioners, Manila, 2010
Jack Tips signs certifications for Filipina medical and natural health practitioners, Manila, 2010

Dr. Tips custom-designs “daily maintenance” programs based on your individual needs, lifestyle, and preferences.  He employes certified-organic, plant-derived vitamins/minerals/fatty acids–the true food for your cells. (Note: not yeast-fed USP vitamins, not USP vitamins added to non-organic/pesticided fruit powders — but the genuine nutrients from organic plants (no pesticides, no GMO.)

He also ensures the alkaline reserve of nutrients from plants as well as the specific nutrients that your microbiome and cells require to function optimally–especially brain chemistry.

A foundational health maintenance program is your primary “insurance” that establishes a future life of good health and reduced cellular aging (youthful longevity.)

For people wanting the very best Universal Nutritional Foundation, you can order, without consultation, this introductory program [Pro-Vita! book; organic, plant vitamins/minerals/fatty acids, 4:1 ratio fatty acids for optimal brain cell membrane regeneration, fulvic minerals, and enzymes for better digestion of gluten/cassein ] and see for yourself what true cellular nutrition can do for you.] Click Here and you’ll be directed to the Order Center at

For people wanting a custom-designed daily maintenance program, Click Here for a 30-minute appointment. Your program will include the Universal Nutritional Foundation plus the most important specific supplements for your unique metabolic requirements.

The very best of health awaits.

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