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Our staff welcomes you as a member of our “best of health” family.  Please complete the “New Consultation Health History” and “Member Wellness Agreement/Overview” forms located in this site’s On-Line Form Center. This paperwork provides us with valuable information toward understanding you as a biochemically unique and individual person.


By Janine Tips, Clinic Director

The Apple-A-Day Consulting Program.  Dr. Tips is dedicated to one primary goal in his clinical practice — to help your body heal itself and live in metabolic balance according to its inherent blueprint. This life-long quest to help people experience the best of health has resulted in his becoming an excellent and effective practitioner of safe and effective natural health healing arts.

To date, thousands of people benefit from the custom-designed and unique programs based on the applications of homeopathy, herbology, and clinical nutrition.

Dr. Tips pioneered this multi-faceted health restoration and maintenance approach to health that many practitioners and beneficiaries consider to be the most comprehensive natural health improvement program in effect today. His illustrated model, “The Causational Guide To Healing Therapeutics” (click to view) presents a multi-tiered evaluation to discover the root cause of a persons health issues. This evaluation includes the consulting forms, questionnaires, interview, lab tests and continues with follow up visits that further define the improvement process.

Beginning with an in-depth understanding of the root cause of your health concerns, you can embark on a simple pathway to a more optimal state of health using the “Natural Laws of Health and Healing” as your roadmap.

Though teaching and speaking worldwide, Dr. Tips maintains a dedicated, clinical practice limited to a small caseload so he can devote the time and attention to providing the highest quality, most well thought out programs.  Consulting is an occupation he dearly loves.  Helping people experience the dynamic vitality of the natural health therapies is literally part of his life-mission, and something in which I truly believe, thus I thoroughly appreciate being of service to each person who seeks his counsel.

When you request a consultation, please know it is my sincere desire that the Apple-A-Day Program provide you the knowledge, health and freedom to enhance every minute of your life.  I look forward to visiting with you and helping you to experience a greater self-awareness of how to live a more healthy life.

Best Wishes In Your Health Endeavors! – Janine 

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About Your Consultations

Phone Consultations are an effective way to consult without the time and expense of travel to the clinic. Dr. Tips has developed a phone interview method and differential analysis of your individual concerns that yields a very accurate understanding of your case, and thus provides excellent results. Your homeopathic remedy and therapeutic supplements are shipped to you from the clinic or our designated order fulfillment center. If lab tests are necessary, they are arranged.

The benefit of this method is that you can consult from practically anywhere in the world without travel time and expense. This first consultation is scheduled for 2 hours and lasts 1.5 hours leaving time for “Research, Repertorization, & Reviewing” the Materia Medica and other reference guides.

SKYPE Consultations. For overseas calls only, please.

A typical custom-designed program may include:

  1. A “constitutional” or “acute” homeopathic remedy, (not included in “bundled” programs)
  2. An herbal-nutrition, tissue-support program,
  3. A supplemental/dietary foundation, and
  4. Reading/educational materials.

“Within each individual is a powerful healing ability.
For the body to correct its confusion, the remedial program must harness that force to improve health in its many levels”

— Jack Tips

Follow-up Consultations. So very, very important!  Subsequent consultations are scheduled for 30-minutes to ascertain if you are on track for the alleviation of health concerns, make course corrections based on your body’s input. At this time, your program may be modified to either press onward or set a foundational plateau.

Most people notice beneficial changes occurring within the first month. The body improves at its own pace, and your program must support and cooperate with your body’s innate restorative processes rather than dictate specific demands. Follow up consultations are critical to ensure that optimal health is not an elusive idea, but becomes a practical reality.

“The beneficial effects of the natural approach to health are cumulative. Once the improvement trend begins, my job is to encourage it until the body can function optimally on its own. This is often best done by listening, not dictating, and then supporting the body’s innate processes”

— Jack Tips

Consulting Fees

1) Consulting fees are simply a function of scheduled time based on $175 per half hour. The initial consultation’s fee is now reduced from $780 to a flat $495 and lasts from 1.5 – 2 hours (1.5 hours on the phone and .5 hours of post-call analysis, thus includes post-interview repertorization, program design, and strategy.

Casework done after the call (more discussion, if needed) to research and design the program, is done at no additional charge.

2) What to Expect In Nutrition Supplement Costs:

Single-Focus (trouble-shooting) Herbal/Nutrition Support

$195 – $245 /month

Comprehensive Supplementation Costs

$295 – $550 / month

Note: Supplementation is therapeutic and thus self-limiting. As improvements are noted, fewer therapeutic supplements are required. This means that as you improve, costs decline.

For health, quality is everything! Simply put, “quality” supplements cost more than “cheap, knock-off, poorly produced, and inferior” supplements which abound in the marketplace. You get what you pay for.

In health, energy is everything.
It is the body’s ‘coin of the realm of health’ – not vitamins, minerals, enzyme, antioxidants, proteins, fats, or carbohydrates, or any other nutritional commodity, and certainly not a drug that causes side effects. Energy!

"Health occurs within a certain vitality level (energy frequency band). Poor health is the result of a lower frequency (diminished ATP production within the cells). The Apple-A-Day goal is to restore energy to the cells so the cells can perform optimally."

— Jack Tips

3) Lab Tests & Fees:

Lab Test Availability. Apple-A-Day offers hundreds of lab tests at reduced prices. No lab tests are ordered without your approval. Some tests can be conducted in your home. Blood lab specimens must be conducted at a local phlebotomy location.

Prior Lab Report Review Fee. Please expect that sending more than 10 pages of prior-done lab reports for review before your appointment will incur a $75 charge as specific time for that review will be scheduled on the appointment calendar for thorough analysis.

Clinic Rules — Golden Rule, Fairness, & Simplicity

Punctuality. WellnessWiz Tips endeavors to be on time for appointments (and does a really fine job of staying on time!) We do ask that you allow up to 15 minutes leeway as occasionally (very rarely!) a necessary “running overtime” can occur prior to your appointment. If you need to reschedule, then WellnessWiz Tips will gladly accommodate your needs.

Consulting fees are due at time of service.

Shipments. Products are shipped when payment is received.

Appointments are secured by credit card, but no charges applied until after your visit.

Missed appointments.  We understand that life can get a bit demanding. No worries. We’re forgiving. We will call you to reschedule. If there are repeated occurrences, ask Dr. Tips for a “punctuality remedy" and we’ll phone you, not only the routine “day before” confirming call, but an hour before your appointment as well.

Product Returns. In the rare instance you would like to return an unopened supplement of your own volition (not because of a mistake outside your control), you can return the product for a refund minus a 15% restocking fee. Returned products do not go back into inventory, but instead are used in charitable outreach programs. Of course any instances outside your choice (shipping errors, etc.), a full refund is applied.

Our Guiding Principle.  You, the Consultee, are “always right.” Yep, even if you’re in error–you’re right with us! So relax! We’re here to help. Our mission at Apple-A-Day is to help you enjoy your most optimal health and well being.  Blessings!

Components of the Apple-A-Day Program

herbal medicine

Classical Homeopathy – This system of natural healing is practiced in the classical method based on the 6th edition of the Organon of Medicine by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.  Thus, an important part of your health improvement program is founded on the totality of your symptoms—physical discomforts, emotional stresses, and mental orientations. Other factors that are considered include heredity (predisposition to types of ailments), causes and progression of symptoms, environmental factors, and your innate constitution.  In classical homeopathy, only one remedy, the similimum, is given at a time.

“Homeopathy … cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method … and is beyond a doubt safer and more economical and most complete … science.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

“No one knows better than the body about how to heal itself. Homeopathy elicits a pathway for the body’s own adaptive resources to correct its expressions of discomfort.”

— Jack Tips

“Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school …”

— Dr. Charles Menninger, M.D.

Testimony: I suffered for over 20 years with terrible, debilitating menstrual cramps that kept me in bed for days.  Thankfully I met Dr. Tips on a particularly bad day. After taking a homeopathic remedy, in minutes I was able to function normally and go about my daily activities without being bed-ridden. What a gift homeopathy is! — Phoebe Welburn, Fallbrook, CA

Testimony: For over 12 years, I would wake every morning with a terrible, throbbing headache covering the entire left side of my head.  It would diminish as the day went on, and if I was lucky, it was tolerable by 4 or 5 p.m. My doctors had experimented on with the several drugs, none of which made any difference. Dr. Tips explained something about a “pattern of inadaptability (I’m still not sure what that means), but what I do know that the very next morning, and ever after,  there was no headache. – Pamela Chambers, Houston, TX

Herbology – Another dimension to your program is balanced herbal nutrition. Herbal combinations can provide specific nutritional building blocks, cleansers, epigenetic factors, and tonification properties for the body’s vital structures–the cells.


Testimony: I love Dr. Tips’ philosophy on taking supplements. The idea is to give the body what itneeds to perform better itself, then you can stop taking supplements and not use them as a crutch for the rest of your life.  Good health means the body is able to function on its own. – Robert I., Escondido, CA

Clinical Nutrition – Your cells are the cornerstones of your health. For the cells to function properly, the cell membranes must allow oxygen and glyco-proteins to pass through and wastes to exit. They also must communicate with other cells and the immune system. Further, the mitochondria (organelles inside your cells) must produce ATP—the energy of life. You program is designed to energize your cells so they can repair their DNA and contribute to your good health and longevity.

The Pro-Vita Plan for Optimal Health (book) is very helpful and contains information for you to design a nutritional plan to accelerate your results. Improving your diet, even in very simple ways can pay you a huge dividend in cellular energy. A companion to the Pro-Vita! material is the book, The Weight Is OverClick HERE to move to the AppleADayPress website where you can order these books.

Testimony: I have not felt this good in years, and my waist has gone from 42″ to 33″ just by following the simple suggestions that the Pro-Vita! and Weight Is Over spelled out for me. — Roger Mathis, San Antonio, TX

To round out a complete nutritional foundation, Dr. Tips often recommends and provides selected nutritional supplements for your basic and fundamental health support. He only uses the purest, most effective supplements he can find – the kind he takes himself. Thus, your program is truly a unique, comprehensive plan that allows your body to express its innate optimal health.

Your program usually provides therapies for three levels of your health simultaneously – the remedy (innate vitality), the therapeutic nutrition (tissue function support via herbal formulas and supplements), and the dietary nutrition (biochemical foundation). It observes respect for the body’s inherent healing processes and meets the requirements of true natural healing. Generally, programs are gentle and effective. This is consistent with Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s insight that true healing is gentle, rapid, and lasting.

“Supplementation is much more than laying a foundation of nutrition. It must apply nutrients to address the key “points of leverage” to motivates the body’s desire to restore its health to the most optimal expression. Supplements can provide the body with “an offer it can’t refuse” by supporting key tissues and their cellular-metabolic duties.”

— Jack Tips

Testimony: “Dr. Tips introduced me to a supplement regimen with really helped. I was concerned when he said that it was ‘self-limiting’ and ‘time to stop’ to see if my body could continue it’s new-found well-being on its own.  Sure enough, he was right. — Robin Thomas, Ft. Wayne, IN

"At Apple-A-Day, you will be able to take action to improve your health and increase your vitality so you can experience the most optimal level of health possible. We are honored by your visit, and thrilled to present and share this information with you. Our goal is that you gain insights, techniques, and information that contribute to your wellbeing. We trust that you’ll enjoy your time here and find information and programs that enhance your life."

— Janine

Your Access Directly To Dr. Tips

Notes About Email

WellnessWiz Jack Tips maintains an “open door” policy. Consultees have direct access by email and by phone. There is no charge for quick emails and his replies to your questions as they are essential to proper implementation of the program according to your individual needs. We’re on the same team!

Please note that emails more than a short paragraph are printed and put in your file until your next appointment. WellnessWiz Jack receives 85-120 emails every day, so he must move through them efficiently. He gives his full attention to emails; but the short, simple ones get the quick replies.  Jack writes: My process of understanding how a biochemically individual person’s body is expressing imbalances and insights on how to help is dependent upon the “totality of symptoms” and the holistic model of cause and effect. This is the basis of my expertise and effectiveness. Please understand that this process does not lend itself to detailed email considerations because I cannot ask the questions in the order they need to be asked. 


Should an interim communication result in research and changing your program to address an immediate concern, then a small fee may apply because it results in “new work” that moves your case forward. We practice the “Golden Rule” and fairness in each and every action. Dr. Tips welcomes hearing from you and is glad to share insights that make the programs work individually for you. Just makes sense!

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